The latest Cheerios commercial has been the target for comments like "want to vomit" and "disgusting".

So what's really wrong with it? You tell us.

The definition of family has changed dramatically in the last decade, and advertisers haven't always had great results when they tackle subjects like same sex parents and biracial families in their campaigns. The JC Penny same sex Father's Day ad comes to mind, and now the new Cheerios commercial can be added to the mix as well.

The ad, called "Just Checking", features a biracial little girl trying to help her dad's heart with the cereal. Mom is Caucasian, dad is African-American.

The ad has sparked lots of racist backlash. The comments section on Youtube has been disabled and many of the negative comments have been shared on the brand's Facebook page as well.

Does the new Cheerios ad deserve this much criticism? Watch it below.



Cheerios will not pull the ad. "At Cheerios, we know that there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all," said Camille Gibson, Cheerios vice-president of marketing in a statement.

Do you find anything offensive in this Cheerios ad? How should advertisers handle the changing definition of what a family is now in their commercial campaigns?