Whether you love or hate sci-fi space movies, this one is a treat!  Starring an all-star cast including Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub and Alan Rickman, this science-fiction parody spoofs "Star Trek."  Name it to be entered to win NCG Movie Passes!

A group of out-of-work actors played characters on a TV series much like "Star Trek."  Aliens monitoring Earth's transmission assume that the show was real.  They end up showing up at Tim Allen's door asking for his help.  Next thing he knows, he is on an actual working starship modeled after the one from the fictional show.  Not knowing what they are doing, the actors stumble through their tasks trying to remember how everything works based on their show.

Name the out-of-this-world adventure for a chance to win NCG Trillium passes!