Yesterday, I shared my skepticism about the new "Annie" reboot slated for this Christmas.  In the process I came across some details about "The Naked Gun" reboot. The good news is that I am not nearly as concerned as I was previously.

The new behind-the-scenes details reveal that Ed Helms' Frank Drebin will pay homage to Leslie Nielsen's character.  In fact, when Ed introduces himself, he will say "I'm Lt. Frank Drebin... no relation!"  The writers are hoping to have 100 jokes per page of the script and also plan to recreate the world of Frank Drebin.

Instead of the 'Dragnet' feel that the original 'Police Squad' TV series and "The Naked Gun" trilogy was contained, they are going for a contemporary real-world feel.  The producers want to "re-invent" the Naked Gun world while keeping true to its style.

And as far as it's working title, how about this:  "The Naked Gun - Episode IV - A New Hope"  Although producers say that will likely change, it makes this project seem much more appealing.  Are you excited or worried about the new reboot.  And what are your favorite Frank Drebin lines from the original trilogy?