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I have a big giant secret to finally share with you! She is back and I am back too! #PUNKYPOWER ❤️

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I loved it as a little girl, and yet I don't yearn to see what Punky has been up to as an adult.

Listen - I get it. I totally understand that nowadays, reboots are the "thing" to do. They're en vogue, and that's fine. But not EVERYTHING needs a reboot. And if there's one show that I haven't thought about AT ALL since it was on the air, it's Punky Brewster.

The show will reportedly focus on Punky as a single mom of three who meets a young lady that reminds her of her young self, so they're appealing to women MY age who watched the original, and young girls who can relate to the NEW Punky.

I was genuinely excited when I found out that Roseanne was getting a reboot. Needless to say, the show without Roseanne goes on, but it's definitely not what it used to be.

It sounds like networks are throwing nostalgia at the wall to see what will stick and, for their sakes, I hope this sticks...but it feels a little unnecessary. What do YOU think?

On a side note, I loved this blog about the cave/spider episode. It WAS terrifying and it still is, even though I'm 36.

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