Am I the only fan of the original show who had NO IDEA that it was coming back this fast?

I started my morning routine today - aka dragging my way to the bathroom, just to sit down and see what happened in the world overnight on Twitter - and I saw that The Conners was already trending.'s back? TONIGHT???

Sure is.

Long story short, the Roseanne reboot came back to TV for a quick season in the spring/early summer this year, and then it got canceled when Roseanne Barr fired off a racist tweet and blamed it on her Ambien.

The show did so well when it was on that ABC decided to spin it off without the matriarch herself. And it's back tonight at 8 PM.

I'm a diehard fan of the original show, and I liked the reboot. Ironically, I always felt like Roseanne was the weakest character on the new show, so I don't really know if I'll miss her. Dan and Jackie were always my favorites. So I'll watch, for sure.

What about you?

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