It's believed that the remains of the missing 4-year-old girl from Monday's night's devastating home explosion in Flint have been found.

What happened?

A home in the 3900 block of Hogarth Ave exploded last night. The explosion was so massive it was felt by residents all over Genesee County. As of right now, there is no explanation for the explosion but it's believed that a gas leak may have been the cause.

The explosion left two people dead and one in critical condition with more than 70% of his body burned.

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According to Fox 2 Detroit, Athena Simerson is the grandmother of the little girl that was missing for more than 12 hours after the explosion. She told Fox 2 that police notified the family that a body was found and it was presumed to be the girl. She identified her granddaughter as NuVeah Lucas.

The blast was heard and felt as far away as Grand Blanc where I happen to live. I didn't personally hear the explosion because I was sleeping but my girlfriend woke me up freaking out about it. She initially thought something had happened in our neighborhood because the blast shook our house. We were both shocked to find out that the explosion happened 14 miles away on the west side of Flint.

The explosion destroyed three homes and damaged several others.

The other victim that lost his life was a 55-year-old woman that lived next door to the home that exploded.

A fundraiser has been set up for the family of the little girl that tragically lost her life. Unfortunately, there have been multiple fake donation pages set up but we have the link to the real fundraiser page which can be found here.

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