Mark this down as the weirdest, most unexpected thing you'd expect to see during a fashion shoot.

At approximately 6 AM on July 10th, Ekaterina Juskowski was filming her friend, who is a model, on the beach in Miami.

And then, a boat came into the shot. She turned off her camera, until she realized what was happening: they were illegal immigrants entering the country. The Border Patrol is now investigating. Juskowski, who emigrated here from Russia when she was 18, was actually compassionate about the incident:

"Witnessing people starting their life anew by jumping off the boat and running into the city made my personal struggle seem rather small. As controversial as the problem of illegal immigration can be for many of us, it is important to remember that people come here in search of the better life, and it comes at a very high price of great courage, hard work, and loneliness. I got to know America as a country with a big heart. While I trust it to the U.S. government to work out the policies on improving the immigration laws, it feels natural to stay compassionate and understanding on a personal level.”

I wonder if they finished their photo shoot?