Sometimes you just need to look your best to feel your best, especially when you have a job interview. Now, one retailer is helping men look great with with a boost of confidence.

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H&M has launched its suit rental service to help men across the country and the world look their best for those important moments. According to ADWEEK, H&M has named this service: "ONE/SECOND/SUIT", and the free 24-hour suit rental service will be launched in the U.S. in mid May.

According to reports this is a nationwide program, although it has already been launched across the pond in the U.K. as well. As of now there is only one suit available. The ensemble consist of  a navy blue jacket, trousers but includes a tie, a white shirt and red pocket square. Sizes range from XS to XXL.

How To Order

Those interested in getting their hands on a suit can place their order here. Once an order is put through, the suit will be delivered to the jobseeker’s address on the date they chose. Customers then will  have to return the suit in a prepaid returns bag to a dry cleaning company that is working with H&M. If there would happen to be any damage to the suit customers wouldn't have to pay for any minor damage such as stains or tears. The would have to pay the full retail price of the suit for major damage, according to a report.

H & M made the move to create a program to help those looking to succeed, but also H&M said the service was part of its efforts to be more sustainable, given that customers would be renting rather than buying a suit.


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