What side of the debate are you on? Classes were canceled at both schools because of extreme cold.


The basketball rivalry between Saginaw High School and Saginaw Arthur Hill is a legendary rivalry. A must-see for some and the sold-out stands at last night's game prove that.

But the question is...if it's too cold to go to school shouldn't it be to cold for a basketball game? Some parents at the game didn't have a problem with it, as a matter of fact most didn't. Saginaw's Deputy Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon said this decision is based off the fact that the game is not a mandatory event and children won't be forced to be outside for extended periods of time.

Dixon also said Quote.."We know with ticket sales that families bring their kids out. So we didn't have to worry about students walking to the game, they come with their families, their friends, they're wrapped up, they're warm."

Here's my question..couldn't parents do the same thing when it comes to GOING TO SCHOOL?

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