Grand Blanc won their first ever basketball state championship this year, and the awards did not stop after the championship trophy.

Grand Blanc Junior, Ty Rodgers was named the AP Division 1 Player of the Year this week. Grand Blanc head coach, Mike Thomas was also named the AP Division 1 Coach of the Year for 2021. Rodgers was also named to the AP All-State 1st team, and joined by his teammate R.J. Taylor. Things are looking bright for Grand Blanc next year considering Rodgers is a junior and Taylor is only a Sophomore.

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Ty Rodgers is becoming one of the most sought after players in the state, and already has plenty of big time colleges looking at him. Coach Thomas told the AP that he thinks Rodgers is the best player in the state without a doubt. That's a big statement considering the talent that we have in Michigan right now.

If you are not familiar with Rodgers and his game, you can check out the highlights of his season below. It's a shame that not many people got to see him play live this year due to the Covid restrictions, but he got the job done nevertheless.

Thomas poured on the praises for both Rodgers and Taylor when talking to the AP, but he deserves a ton of praise as well.

Since Thomas became the coach at Grand Blanc, his goal was to bring the Bobcats their first state championship.

This is the second time that Thomas has been named the AP Coach of the Year. He won the award in 2010 when he lead Kalamazoo Central to a state championship.

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