801-TBP. That was the plate number of my blue & white Michigan license plate back in the day. It was originally my dad's plate, registered to a 1979 Chevrolet pickup that I inherited shortly after high school. I transferred it to a Cavalier, then yet another Cavalier, and finally to an Oldsmobile minivan soon after I started a family.

The blue and white Michigan license plate was enduring. It was a classic. And yes, it looked like hell by the time I finally retired it.

Michigan might be bringing back the classic blue and white plate. After a 14-year hiatus, there's now a bill in the Senate proposing that the ol' blue and white be resurrected.

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Senator Mallory McMorrow from Royal Oak has introduced Senate Bill 1446 to reintroduce the blue and white plate.

"Any Michigander who grew up here in the 80s and 90s remembers the simple, iconic design, and knows bringing back the blue plate is a no-brainer,” McMorrow said in a release last year."

WXYZ reports that drivers would also be able to opt for a black and white plate. Those were the standard in Michigan from around 1979 to 1983 -- but not nearly as iconic as the blue and white version.

The new version of the old plate comes with a hefty price tag, though. Opting for the classic blue and white or black and white plate would add an additional $100 to your registration. That fee would be passed along to the state's transportation fund.

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