At first, Clayton Friend thought he had been bitten by an ordinary bug. But as his symptoms worsened, it was determined that the 19-year-old from Antrim County had been bitten by a rare Recluse Spider.

"So, I noticed something as wrong with my leg, I was at a bonfire, I noticed two kinds of bite marks, and they just kind of looked like scabs, superficial kind of thing. I thought it would heal up in just a couple of days,” Clayton tells Up North Live.

But Friend grew more concerned when he started running a high fever and the wound began to look worse.

"My blood tests came back a little funky, I went to the emergency room the next day and they were looking at it some more and the doctor said, 'Yeah, it's definitely a recluse bite.'"

Friend says the bit has temporarily delayed his plans to enter basic training with the Coast Guard.

He cautions everyone to seek medical attention immediately if they think they've been bitten by one of the rare spiders.


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