The students formed a human chain to pull a woman out of a ravine on Tuesday.

A group of students from Hudsonville High School, just outside of Grand Rapids, were on a summer science trip in the Badlands of South Dakota. They had just left a few days ago and started their three-week-long adventure when the rescue happened.

A group of students was leaving a lecture when they looked down the ridge and saw a woman in a ravine, with a man bent over next to her. It was obvious that she was injured; she had hurt her leg and shoulder and was embarrassed about having to ask for help.

Park Rangers arrived with narcotics to help the woman with her pain, but they still weren't sure how to get her out of the ravine. They eventually formed a human chain to bring her out, and then carried her a half-mile to the parking lot.

The local Sheriff's Office says that they couldn't have rescued the woman without the help of the students.

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