I finally gave up on the carnival games at Cedar Point. Year after year I would throw cash at them and year after year I would walk away empty-handed. Now, I find out that Peter Drakos doesn’t have that problem. Indeed, the Detroit resident may just be the best carnival game player in the world.

Drakos was nine years old when began playing carnival games. He won enough stuffed animals to give one to every kid in his school, all 200! Year later, Drakos is still playing the games and has won an average of 5,500 prizes each year since 1972.

Drakos is so good at games like the bottle throw and ring toss that some carnivals across the nation have placed limits on the number of prizes a player can win. Said Drakos, “I don’t want to say it’s all because of me, but it’s all because of me,”.


It’s official. When I head back to cedar Point, I'm taking him with me!.