So what happens when two new college graduates have entrepreneurial minds and some drinking game experience? Well, a new hot adult drinking game is born, of course.

Step aside Beer Pong and old school Quarters, there's a new game in town, and it's about to take over as the party game of the year. Billed as the "card game you won't remember playing", Beer Pressure has become a instant hit.

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The game is the brainchild of former Grand Blanc High students, and recent college grads, Mitchel Metzger and Shane Heller.

"We noticed a small account on TikTok that created a card game just for fun. Instantly we realized they were not using the idea to its full potential", Metzger told me.  "We got to work generating ideas for the game including how it would be played, what name we were going to choose, and picking what all 100 cards would say. We then designed every card ourselves and ordered our first sample game."

The game is really kinda cool, and the rules are easy to follow. Beer Pressure includes 100 original playing cards, all with drinking activities. Players grab their favorite spirited beverage and take turns drawing cards from the deck. The cards offer up some fun challenges that definitely make the game interesting.

<p>"Play the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC. The first time you hear "thunder", the player that drew the card starts drinking . The next time you hear "thunder", the person drinking stops, and the person to their left begins. Repeat until the end of the song"- Beer Pressure.</p>

Metzger, a recent graduate of Oakland University, and Heller, who graduated from Michigan State in 2020, were excited to see how people reacted to the game as soon as it debuted.

"Our first inventory order was only 500 pieces and we created a viral TikTok that sold them out in 2 days. We are now working on scaling the game to reach more potential customers", said Metzger.

The two have been working together since 2015, and have started multiple companies over the years and are excited about the game take off.

You can grab yourself Beer Pressure on their website or on Amazon.

Photo: Courtesy of Beer Pressure
Photo: Courtesy of Beer Pressure


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