Thanksgiving is all about tradition for many families. Usually, if we're honest, served with a side of dread. We're not talking about creepy "on-the-mouth-kisses" from mee-maw either. And it's not a typo for "bread." (Bread is too good to forego on turkey day.)  That dread is the Detroit Lions. Not kidding, I'd rather be on the receiving end of "Slapsgiving" from 'How I Met Your Mother.'

For decades it has been tradition for the Detroit Lions to play some team that will lilely beat them, on Thanksgiving Day. (In case you share this with a scorekeeper, die-hard fan...Their record is 37-42-2 on Thanksgiving Day -- According to Sports Keeda, that represents 13 losses in the last 17 years.) All it leads to is cranky family members, yelling at a TV screen. Yes, somehow, they're in disbelief the team could lose again.  When I mentioned this topic, jokingly in our offices, a coworker immediately said, "I'd rather be the only one washing all of the Thanksgiving Dishes than listen to relatives complain about the game during and after the inevitable loss."

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Since my family agreed years ago to "calm it down" while watching -- we decided to focus on the "big game" between Michigan and that school in Ohio later in the weekend. That's where our rage or joy would be placed -- with talent.

Here are 5 ways Michiganders can better spend their time on Thanksgiving Day:

  • Go play flag football in the back yard if you truly need that fix.
  • Horrified Senior Woman
    Scott Griessel
  • Ask someone in your family to bring over their Nintendo Switch -- you could play as the Lions or skip football all together and race in Mario Kart -- or my other favorite, Jackbox Games (the latter is like trivia customized to you/your family).  You'll laugh while saving your voice from yelling.
  • Pick up dog crap from the backyard. It stinks, but not as bad as the loaded kitty litter box down I-75 and on the TV.
  • Help in the kitchen. Handle the bird. Make your specialty dish. Do dishes -- anything is more helpful than yelling all day.
  • No matter what you do, remember... you don't have to put yourself and relatives through the stress of another turkey day loss. Save the stress, skip the sad cats game and enjoy a meal with the fam.

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