Would you pick a college that had a tuition reimbursement plan? Adrian College, a private school in southeastern Michigan with approx. 1,700 students, has started a tuition reimbursement program: they guarantee that every graduate will make $37,000 per year, or they can have some/all of their loans paid for by the school.

Adrian is one of the first colleges to take out insurance policies on every incoming freshman and transfer student who has loans, and at least two years of school remaining. If your job pays $20,000, Adrian will pay the full student loan payment every month. Salaries between $20,000-$37,000 would be paid on a sliding scale.

I went to a public university, and it took me a really long time to be able to make my full student loan payment. I think this is a great guarantee for students. What do you think?

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Alex Slobodkin via Getty Images
Alex Slobodkin via Getty Images




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