She says that she's completely responsible for her student loan debt, but if you donate, she'll thank you. 

Katie Curnow is a 33-year-old Grand Blanc resident with over $90,000 in lingering student loan debt. She's done a lot of things to help pay off her debt - from working side jobs (apart from her full-time job) to deferments. Now, she's just saying "thanks" for donations.

It's called Katie Thanks You. And, for different levels of donations, you'll receive different incentives: from simple "thank yous" to homemade crafts sent to your home.

Before any crummy comments can even be typed, remember - this is just like any other crowdfunding site. You may not like it, but you also don't have to donate. I give her credit because she takes full responsibility for her loans, also admitting that her post-graduate plans have not matched up with her degree.

I'll be done paying my student loans next April, but I'm also in the hole $500+ per month until then. I give her credit for being bold, brazen and charming at the same time. Kudos, Katie! Good luck on your loans and your career!

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