If the bill is passed, we would no longer "spring forward" or "fall back."

State Rep. Michele Hoitenga of Manton introduced a bill yesterday that would permanently do away with Daylight Saving Time in Michigan. She calls it "antiquated" and "a nuisance" to have to change our clocks twice every year.

Hoitenga says that Daylight Saving Time interferes with student performance across the state, and also makes it harder for employees to adjust and be at work on time.

She also points out that it's dangerous for our health. There have been several medical studies that show an increased risk for heart attacks during time changes. 

It's a "timely" (pun intended) issue to bring up, since we are about to set our clocks ahead an hour this Sunday. When we moved to Michigan, we changed time zones from Central to Eastern. And, no joke, that one hour took MONTHS to get used to. I didn't expect it to be so difficult. Do we adjust faster because we HAVE to, twice every year?

What do YOU think?

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