Now THIS is how you make a marriage work, ladies and gentlemen.

Burton residents Raymond and Lynne Freiberger have been married for four decades. Recently, MLive sat down with them to discuss their most recent relationship challenge: running against each other, in opposite parties, for a seat in Michigan's House of Representatives, which is being held right now by Tim Sneller.

Raymond is a Democrat and Lynne is the Republican in the house. And they are comfortable admitting that, sometimes, they have rock 'em, sock 'em fights. However, after 40 years of marriage, they know when to walk away from arguments.

As far as their backgrounds, Raymond is a Vietnam veteran and Lynne worked for the Army. Interestingly enough, she also has an ENORMOUS collection of dragon paraphernalia that she's working on having recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

They met back in 1980 on a blind date in Germany.

As a couple, they also breed cats and show them.

They're both VERY involved in their community, too.

The 50th district represents Burton, Grand Blanc, and Grand Blanc & Mundy townships.

I love this story so much for a million reasons. Our country is SO DIVIDED right now that it's almost unfathomable to hear about a couple who exists together on opposite sides of the political spectrum, and the Freibergers make it work.

I'm also super intrigued by this dragon collection! Talk about a unique way to connect with people. Wishing the Freibergers the best of luck, and I can do that here because they represent BOTH parties so it's not an endorsement of one or the other. *wink wink*

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