Do you think that this is a good idea?

A new bill proposed in the Michigan House would get rid of the yearly renewal stickers that you are required to put on your license plates.

Republican State Rep. Mike Maddock of Milford proposed House Bill 5250, which would eliminate the stickers altogether. He told ABC 12 that "technology allows police officers to instantly verify whether or not your license plate is current. That tab means nothing to them.”

Maddock claims that 60% of visits to our Secretary of State locations are for renewing these stickers and that, by getting rid of them, a lot of the extended wait times at the SOS will be gone, too.

The Michigan House Transportation Committee has a hearing this morning; the Transportation Committee, full House, and the full Senate have to sign off on it before it makes it to Governor Gretchen Whitmer's desk to become a law.

“If we actually want to shorten the wait times, this one step will free up millions of hours wasted standing in the line at your Secretary of State office to get unneeded annual license tabs,” Maddock said.

Personally, I wouldn't be opposed to just dropping the price on these things. While the rest of the world is sending coupons and freebies for your birthday, the state of Michigan is sending you a bill for $111 to renew the stickers on your license plate.

I'm also. wondering if this guy Maddock will lose the support of local law enforcement with this proposed bill? Essentially, it's making more work for traffic cops.

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