A Southeast Michigan pastor with a history of DUI arrests is being charged with attempted murder after ramming his vehicle into a police car in Arenac County.

There's a bit to unpack here.

Pastor David Jones delivers sermons on a regular basis at Hilton Oaks Baptist Church in Ferndale, according to WXYZ-TV in Detroit. He also has eight arrests for drinking and driving under his belt.

Last Wednesday (10/6) Jones headed up north and jumped off I-75 in Alger. Someone dropped a dime on Jones, reporting that he was intoxicated at the Forwards convenience store near the expressway. Deputies found the man in his car but say he refused to cooperate.

Then Jones drove his vehicle across the road to another gas station, struck the building, and then turned his car toward the officers who were in their police car. He then hit the gas and smashed into the patrol car. That is how the pastor caught an attempted murder charge.

"If you turn your vehicle around and intentionally collide with a police vehicle, you are going to be charged with attempted murder on police," Arena County Undersheriff Don McIntyre tells the TV station.

Even after the collision, Jones was uncooperative and deputies had to smash his car windows in order to get him out and arrest him. Too bad that's not included in the video below.

The officers involved in the crash were not injured. He is currently being lodged in the Arenac County jail on a $1 million bond.


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