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Remember when a defendant got caught appearing in virtual court from his victim's home? Of course, you do, it was just a few days ago. Now, another defendant has come under fire for appearing in the same judge's virtual courtroom in a location where he should not have been.

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The defendant, who was being sentenced for charges of driving without insurance and on a suspended license appeared on the Zoom call from behind the wheel of an automobile.

As the saying goes, you can't fix stupid.

"I believe you drove wherever you are in the vehicle you’re in and you’re dumb enough to go on video with you sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Makes me think you haven’t gotten the message," Judge Jeffrey Middleton told the man.

The man contends that he was sitting in his boss' vehicle, saying that he wanted some privacy because he was currently at a customer's home.

Judge Middleton's patience seemed rather thin, after all the antics he's seen this week.

"Do you want to pay your damn fine or do you want to go to jail? You have a history of not paying your fines here in St. Joseph County," the judge said.

Middleton later acquiesced, saying that he would take the man's word that he was sitting in his boss' car rather than his own.



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