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Zoom meetings never go smoothly. But it wasn't audio or video issues that shut down a virtual hearing in Judge Jeffrey Middleton's Michigan courtroom last week. The proceedings came to a hault when it was discovered that the victim's former boyfriend -- the man who had been charged with assaulting her -- was attending the meeting from inside the victim's home.

Coby Harris, who had been charged with assaulting Mary Lindsey, was allegedly intimidating his former girlfriend during the hearing in order to make sure that her testimony portrayed him in a positive manner.

Assistant District Attorney Deborah Davis became suspicious of the situation when the victim seemed hesitant to answer questions about the February 9 incident in her Sturgis home.

"Your honor, I have reason to believe that the defendant is in the same apartment as the complaining witness right now, and I am extremely scared for her safety," Davis said. "And the fact that she's looking off to the side and he's moving around -- I want some confirmation that she is safe before we continue."

Both the defendant and the victim gave different addresses when they were questioned about their whereabouts, but Judge Middleton and Assistant DA Davis remained suspicious.

When the judge asked Harris to take his phone outside to verify the house number he had given, he said that his phone did not have enough battery power.

Police arrived at Ms. Lindsey's residence soon thereafter, and the defendant, Coby Harris, appeared on screen from the victim's camera.

The judge adjourned the hearing. At the 13:32 mark in the vide below, the prosecutor is seen face-palming in disbelief.

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