A Michigan judge was not happy when a man showed up on his courtroom zoom with a vulgar screen name.

Judge Jeffery Middleton works the bench on the west side of the state, and has started to gain quite a bit of popularity for the way he handles his business. The no nonsense attitude was on full display recently when Middleton had a man pop up in his courtroom zoom with a vulgar screen name.

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Nathanial Sexton popped up in his Zoom court hearing with a screen name that you wouldn't want to say in front of your grandma. Sexton changed his Zoom screen name to Buttf#@$ker 3000 for the hearing, and it did not go over well.

Judge Middleton did not waste any time letting Sexton know what he thought of the name.

What kind of an idiot logs into my court with a name like that?

Middleton decided it was best to put Sexton in the Zoom waiting room so he could think about his dumb decision. This is basically the equivalent of getting put into time out for a toddler. Sexton tried to claim that he didn't change his name, but mysteriously his screen name changed back to normal shortly after he was called out.

This is not the first time that Judge Middleton has dealt with people acting like idiots in his Zoom courtroom. He made headlines earlier this year for busting a defendant for zooming in from the apartment of a person that was filing abuse charges against him. You can see that video below.

Judge Middleton is starting to gain popularity for the way he handles his courtroom, and many people are actually calling out for him to get his own courtroom TV show! I'm backing that movement 100%

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