Man wins two Lottery prizes in one week
Michigan Lottery
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They say that many people who win large lottery jackpots often blow through their winnings and wind up unhappy and worse off financially than they were before their windfalls.

Oh, how I would love the chance to beat the odds! I think -- correction -- I know I could make a big lottery win -- let's say one million dollars -- and make it last for the rest of my life.

A Jackson County man has the opportunity to show how responsible he can be with a large amount of money. The 24-year-old won two large lottery prizes within a week.

The man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, won a $1 million prize playing the Michigan Lottery's Ruby Mine instant game. A week before that, he won $5,000 on another scratch-off ticket.

“I had won $5,000 on a Super Bonus Cashword ticket last week, and I was still feeling pretty lucky,” said the 24-year-old player. “Later that night, I bought a couple Ruby Mine tickets and hit $1 million!”

After taxes, his $1 million prize gets whittled down to about $634,000. He tells the lottery that he plans to buy a new home, a car, and share some of the money with his parents.

Careful, dude. It sounds like that money could potentially go rather quickly. $634,000 doesn't buy what it used to and you you don't want to end up broker than you were before your win.


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