Are you up for a treasure hunt?

Johnny Perri is (or was) the owner and proprietor of J&M Jewelers in Macomb County. He learned about the jewelry business from his dad and has never done anything else. However, when the pandemic hit, he couldn't afford to keep his shop open anymore.

So, after 23 years, he closed his doors. But what do you do with the leftover product?
He told his wife that they could cash it in and retire OR...they could take it, bury it around Michigan and have a treasure hunt.

Because who would DO that? Johnny Perri will. Yes, really.

Here's the deal - he's hidden $1M worth of jewelry throughout Michigan, from metro Detroit to the Upper Peninsula, and he wants YOU to go find it. Tickets start at $49 but prices will fluctuate throughout the hunt.

The first hunt starts on August 1st, and you can go on the hunt for everything from jewelry to rare coins to pure gold. Basically, you can be a pirate.

For details about the treasure hunt and to purchase tickets, click HERE.

The first treasure is worth about $4,200 and ALL of the treasures have GPS trackers in them, so Johnny will know if they've moved.

I'm not even interested in the treasure itself, but a part of me wants to buy tickets for this and go for it, just for something to DO. Who's with me? Let's GO! It's an adventure and I'm totally here for it, as long as I can talk like a pirate.

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