How much of an impact does the federal government shutdown have on us? Apparently not much, at least for those of us who live in Michigan. Wallet Hub crunched the numbers and found that the Mitt ranks 50th on its list of states and the District of Columbia impacted.

Only residents of Minnesota will feel less of an impact than Michigan.

Not surprisingly, DC residents will feel the effects of the shutdown more than those who live in the 50 US states.

Wallet Hub used the following six metrics to determine how the shutdown will affect each state. The methodology of the calculations is explained here.

  • Share of Federal Jobs: Full Weight (~25.00 Points)
  • Federal Contract Dollars Per Capita: Full Weight (~25.00 Points)
  • % of Children under CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program): Full Weight (~25.00 Points)
  • Small Business Lending: Half Weight (~12.50 Points)
  • Real Estate as Percentage of Gross State Product: Quarter Weight (~6.25 Points)
  • Access to National Parks: Quarter Weight (~6.25 Points)
Source: WalletHub

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