I have so many questions about this, and so do the police.

A couple in Trenton, Michigan was pretty freaked out on Monday morning when they found a human skull in the fire pit of the home they had just purchased.

They contacted the police around 6 PM on Monday evening after finding the skull; Trenton police arrived and found other bones in the fire pit as well.

The couple had closed on the house in May; they purchased it from a man named Mark Eberly, who had moved to Tennessee. Eberly died in June; after being stopped by an officer for a traffic violation, he pulled a gun on the police. It's not clear if he was killed by the police or his own gun.

It's not known when the last time was that the house was occupied by Eberly; however, neighbors told police that they remembered seeing a large bonfire in his backyard back in March.

The Michigan State Police crime lab is investigating and working to determine if the found bones are human remains or not. The police are also looking for a woman who was reportedly living with Eberly at the time.

I've sold one house and purchased two in my lifetime, and I wanna know who did the inspection on this place. HOW DO YOU MISS A SKULL IN THE FIRE PIT? Hell, the inspectors for our old house found an uncovered outlet and made us put a faceplate on it.

Plot thickens...

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