The pandemic shut down gyms in Michigan for a while this year, but people were still getting their work outs in, even if they looked really different.

Everyone in Michigan spent a lot more time at home this year due to the pandemic. During the summer it was a little easier to get in a quick workout, but the majority of us were missing the gyms. Luckily the gyms have mostly reopened in Michigan, but now we're finding out that we were getting a workout without even realizing it.

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It turns out that doing chores around the house is actually a pretty good workout. There have been many studies about the benefits of simply moving, but this time they focused on specific chores. It turns out that just doing the things your parents asked you to do around the house as a kid can be a pretty good workout.

According to a study from Wren Kitchens, the chore that burns the most calories is simply cleaning the house. Obviously this includes a lot of movement, and even some lifting activities. Second on the list is preparing a meal. This is one that I never would have believed before the pandemic.

My family has spent more time in the kitchen this year than all of the previous years added together. I never realized how much movement it takes to prepare an entire meal during the process. It's gotten to the point where I might start making the meal and not feel hungry, but by the time I'm done, I'm starving!

You can see the complete list here, and then adjust your chores accordingly.

Knowing that these chores are actually good for you, are you going to be more willing to do them?


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