Congratulations are in order for Ehlena Fry and her dog, Wonder. 

Back in November, we told you about Ehlena Fry from Brooklyn, Michigan. She has cerebral palsy, and while she was provided with a human aide at school (as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act), she requested to bring her service dog, Wonder, to school as well. And the school said no.

Courts said, multiple times, that she should resolve the issue with the school district. When the district wouldn't budge, they took it to the Supreme Court, and they sided with Ehlena.

However, this doesn't mean she can bring her service dog to school - it actually means that she and her family can sue the school district without having to go through the lengthy administrative process that's usually required.

She had actually transferred to a school district that would allow Wonder in class with her. Wonder has since retired. Either way, it's a win for Ehlena, Wonder, her family, and people with disabilities.

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