A Michigan girl and her family spent Halloween in front of the Supreme Court yesterday.

Ehlena Fry, who is now 12-years-old, has cerebral palsy, which affects her physically, but not mentally. Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, her school is required to provide her a human aide, which they did. But Ehlena wanted to bring her service dog Wonder into the classroom with her, and the school said no.

She and her family live in Brooklyn, Michigan, which is about an hour south of Lansing.

Her parents say that Wonder helps her to be more dependent on herself, rather than other people, for daily tasks like using the bathroom. The school allowed Wonder in for a "trial" period, however, they required the dog to stay at the back of the classroom.

A neighboring district was happy to take in Ehlena and her dog Wonder, and even created a staff ID for him.

However, the ACLU is representing the family, as to set a precedent for other kids in regards to service animals.

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