Find out here what the top five most-viewed YouTube videos about Flint are.

I've often wondered what "people from the outside" see, read, or hear about good ole Flint, Michigan. In my travels over the last couple years, when people find out I'm from the Flint area, of course, the number one question is about the water crisis.

So out of curiosity I decided to head to YouTube and search "Flint, Michigan," just to see what would pop up first. After adjusting some of the filters, these are the most viewed YouTube videos when you simply search "Flint, Michigan." You probably won't be too surprised by some of these.

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Number 5: 'How Nestle makes billions bottling free water'

With over 1.7 million views and 5k+ comments, this video is all about Nestle making a fortune at the same time Flint doesn't have clean water.

Number 4: 'Crazy Neighbor And Dog Attack People 810 Flint Michigan'

This video boasts 2.7+ million views, nearly 3,000 comments, a bunch of NSFW language, and is everything you would expect from the title.

Number 3: 'Jaden Smith Surprises Eleen with Gift to Help Flint Water Crisis'

In this video we see Jaden Smith as a guest on 'Ellen' when he donated a mobile water filtration system in her name. This video has 3.2 million views and 1,800 comments.

Number 2: 'Michigan Sheriff Chris Swanson Joins Protesters'

This video comes from Inside Edition from the now-infamous moment last year with Sheriff Chris Swanson. No explanation needed on this. It is great to see that this video has over 4 million views showing the good in Flint.

Number 1: 'Lead: Last Week Tonight with John OIiver (HBO)'

This video definitely takes the cake as it almost has more views than the other four combined and currently sits at 10,749,034 views and 8,000 comments.

Source: YouTube

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