The petition has more than 35,000 signatures - how do YOU feel about it? 

This has happened every year since the law went into effect in 2012 - holidays come and go, people light off fireworks in their neighborhoods, and then a bunch of people sign the petition to repeal the law.

The law has brought in over $18 million new tax dollars in the last five years, however, fireworks deaths are the highest they've been in 15 years. In regards to these deaths, the Michigan Fire Marshal says that most of them are related to homemade fireworks.

Here's what people who recently signed the petition are saying:


Mike Terrt from Detroit: People cannot handle the responsibility that comes along in regard to firework safety

Pam Wertenberger from St. Clair Shores:
I, personally, hate the personal use of fireworks; blasts going off continuously! It's not right for those suffering from ptsd, our animals, the risk of injury to those setting them off, the risk of injury to innocent bystanders, the risk of fires...which can also lead to injuries of innocent bystanders. It has gotten out of control. If you love fireworks, go to one of the many city fireworks displays around us.
Kaylan Petrie from Ypsilanti: 
Fireworks are terrible for pets and wildlife, especially birds. They are also terrible for the air quality. I'm sick of not being able to sleep the entire week before and after the 4th. The timing is not enforced well. Not to mention, they are pretty dangerous (which should be enough). Put an end to this nonsense!
What do YOU think?

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