Proof that a little bit of leg work and effort can make a big difference.

Back in July, we told you about Flint's "man about town," Riley McLincha, and how he was injured by the barriers while cycling on the Flint River Trail.

The trail is a gorgeous 17-miles of waterfront views and beautiful scenery. To ensure that motorized vehicles stay OFF the trail, barriers are installed at several different entrances. 12 of them, to be exact, between Vassar and Boulevard.

The barriers are at handlebar-height and the openings are very narrow. Even if you slow your bike to almost a crawl, you could still hurt yourself. And that's what happened to Riley on the 4th of July.

He was cycling on the trail when he hit a barrier; his injuries were so severe that he had to have surgery on his clavicle (collar bone). He also fractured several ribs and, even after treatment, still has regular pain from his injuries.


After presenting Genesee County Parks with 260 petition signatures, 10 other personal stories of crashes, a dozen graphs...

Posted by Riley McLincha on Thursday, October 29, 2020

In response, Riley took action - he received 260 signatures on a petition, as well as collecting stories from others who have been injured by the barriers. Luckily, it worked - Genesee County Parks has started to widen the barriers.

McLincha says that he was hoping that they'd be lowered as well, but it's something for now. Hopefully, this prevents future injuries for those who are out to enjoy our beautiful trails.

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