Torrential downpours that dumped several inches of water on Southeast Michigan have resulted in more than flooded basements. Some Michigan drivers whose vehicles were trapped by water that flooded some of Detroit's streets and highways are now getting gouged by tow companies who want a fortune to return their vehicles.

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So many drivers are being price-gouged, that Michigan Attorney Dana Nessel has issued a warning to drivers whose vehicles may have been towed after the water receded.

"This is a huge concern for us right now, and while of course, we hope that most towing companies are operating properly and legally, we know that some are not," Nessel tells Detroit TV station WDIV in the video below.

Hundreds of vehicles had to be towed after drivers were forced to abandon their cars in the flooded streets of Detroit.

One vehicle owner told the TV station that a towing company tried to charge him $700 to retrieve his flooded vehicle.

Nessel goes on to say that she has a team investigating this type of price gouging.

"We actually have investigators that are on the ground right now that are investigating these cases," Nessel said. "So just know that if you have any concerns, please call us at the department of the Attorney General."

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