He says, in the ad, that he "approves this message." Now, he's saying he did not. Oops.

John James, who is running against Debbie Stabenow for a Michigan Senate seat, has apologized for a general election TV ad called Ready to Serve.

Within 10 seconds, you see a shuttered school as he narrates the state of our failing education system. And then, a swastika is seen in the hallway. Below is a screenshot of the ad, which has since been removed from YouTube.

John James via YouTube
John James via YouTube

After his opponents took notice of the ad, it appears as though his campaign went into apology mode, broadcasting live online from his campaign headquarters in Livonia.

He says he doesn't know where the image came from; that it was stock footage and that he denounces hatred and bigotry.

The part that burns my buns, and probably the primary reason why people are disillusioned with politics in general, is talking out of both sides of your mouth within mere seconds. "As required by the FEC, I stood up there and I said, 'I'm John James and I approve this message, and I do not, absolutely DO NOT approve of any hatred or bigotry."

So, in the end, whatever they have to say to get a vote, they'll say. All of 'em.

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