The negative statements went viral last week in a video that was posted to Facebook.

C'mon - you know that you watched it. We all did.

The video, which is reportedly a year old, shows uniformed police officers in Lapeer talking smack about the Flint police department.

It was recorded in the hallways of the courthouse and yes, it's protected by the First Amendment. The men can be heard talking about medical marijuana patients and one of them says, "I think they should go to Flint. You can buy whores over there. You can buy pot over there. You can do what you want over there. You can kill people over there. They don’t seem to care."

On Wednesday, Lapeer County sheriff Scott McKenna met with Flint Police Chief Tim Johnson, where he apologized and said that he takes the comments "personally."

Hug it out, guys. Hug it out.

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