A West Michigan bartender is giving back to her community after two customers unleashed an anti-mask rant at a sports bar & grille.

This scene has become all-too-familiar: customers lashing out at employees over mask policies.

The whole "take your business elsewhere" concept doesn't seem to come into play until AFTER these public outbursts, which are usually filmed and posted to social media.

And that's exactly what happened at McCarty's North 40 Sports Bar & Grille in Paw Paw last Friday.

Sara Austin was working her shift as a bartender when a customer started to berate her over the bar's mask policy. She told WOOD-TV that it's happened often lately, but this man's tirade was so nasty that she filmed it on her cell phone and posted it to social media.

The post went viral and, the next day, the man came back to apologize. Sara refused to see him so, instead, he wrote an apology letter and left it with a $100 tip.

Sara decided to take the tip and match it, and then donate it to the YWCA of Kalamazoo. And then, she started a Facebook fundraiser for the YWCA, which has raised over $6K as of this morning.

“I don’t know what the hundred dollars was for, but I think it went exactly where it should’ve,” Austin told WOOD-TV. “I hope he knows that’s where his money is going to that fundraiser. Everyone has been so kind and generous, it’s amazing.”

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! Also, let's be honest - most of the people throwing public tantrums about masks would NOT apologize, so let's recognize this guy's sense of humility as well. Hopefully, this experience makes him a better person.

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