A group child care home in Romulus recently had their license revoked by the state of Michigan after being accused of mistreating children. Mistreating is a kind word when compared to what these people did to these kids.

Apparently while caring for the children, the people that ran this place would swear at the kids, hit them with fly swatters, and spray them with hot and cold water.

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If you're thinking to yourself, well, all of this is coming from the mouths of children and probably is a bit far fetched. Let me tell you this, there was actual audio caught on one of the kid's computers. It was a recording of the licensee yelling at kids and telling them "It doesn’t matter, sit your [redacted] down, why would you sit there, sit down, get back here and shut the [redacted] up. I don’t wanna hear a word out of either one of you, I’m going to bust you in the mouth."

Another recording included this:

"Enough, what are you crying about?" One of the children responded, "You hurt me." [redacted] asked, "Who hurt you?" and the child responded, "You." [redacted] said, "Right and you going to cry five minutes later, shut up, dry it up, shut up."

According to Fox 2, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs' investigation into the matter detailed several instances where the licensee used "profanity and degrading language, hitting children with fly swatters, and spray water as a form of discipline.

I hope these people never get their license back and they're out of business for good.

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