The police filed a report with animal control because the dogs didn't appear to be injured.

Three people pulled up to a car wash at Nine Mile and Hoover in Warren over the weekend, tied up two dogs to the wall, and proceeded to use the car wash tools and soap on the animals.

The car wash owner said that they were "horrified" when they saw the video and that they could tell that the animals were in pain. One of the biggest concerns was soap in the dogs' eyes.

The owner called the police while the people were still at the car wash. She says that the water pressure is around 1200 PSI, and water temps can reach up to 110 degrees.

Prosecutors are decided whether or not to charge just one man or all three people with animal cruelty.

Ahem...DO THEY KNOW THAT THERE ARE PET STORES THAT OFFER DO-IT-YOURSELF DOG BATHS? In the same vain that not everybody should be a parent, not everybody should have pets. *eye roll*

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