Isn't she adorable? And she could be YOUR next furrrever friend!

Shelby is a young adult kitty cat, about 2 years old. She came in as a stray and they're actually very surprised that she was not yet claimed. She's a short-hair calico.

Her caretakers at Genesee County Animal Control nicknamed her patches because she looks like a patchwork quilt. She has it all- stripes and dots of orange, black and white. She's a gorgeous girl!

Shelby will practically hold a conversation with you. When you walk in the room, she makes her presence known! She is extremely intelligent and will keep her family entertained with her mischievous ways.

The folks at GCAC believe that Shelby will do well with an active family that can spend some time with her daily.

She will play with any toy you send her way and will even get in your lap. Sorry, she won’t stay too long as she has to explore the world constantly.

Do you like to groom and brush cats? Her coat is short so she is easy to keep groomed already, but man oh man does she love a good brushing.

The shelter requires a meet with family members living in the household. If you have other animals, they recommend a slow and proper introduction after a couple of weeks. Our shelter hours are Tues-Fri 12-5pm and Sat 10-1pm for adoptions. Give them a call at (810) 732-1660 or message our Facebook page to set up an appointment:

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