Add this to the list of "weird things you figure out when you're quarantined."

A few months ago, I noticed a strange...bump...or something...on my right pinky finger. It's not a wart or a bug bite, and it's literally turned my pinky finger inward from the top joint. What the heck???

So, while I was pondering what this could be, I looked down at my hand and how I was holding my phone. I noticed that I support the bottom of my phone with my pinky finger.

via Pat and AJ

So I googled "smartphone" and "pinky" and, sure enough, it's a "thing." And it's called...wait for it...smartphone pinky.

It happens when your pinky finger has been bearing the weight of your smartphone for an extended period of time, and the finger itself ends up permanently bending.

Now, to be fair, there are a lot of experts who don't believe that this condition is caused by cell phones - they believe that it's just the way your pinky looks. You can read a little more about that HERE.

For me, personally, I can't imagine what else it would be unless it started when I was writing all the time in school and just didn't notice it. My left pinky doesn't have that problem.

via Pat and AJ

Either way, now I'm going to carefully re-evaluate how I hold my phone.

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