Pictures from YOUR Phone
We asked, and you delivered. Two things we noticed: 1) We all take copious amounts of pictures of our pets...sometimes, more than our children, and 2) we're not the only ones who screenshot recipes!
Smartphone Owners Lean Toward Obama In Election
Many pollsters are calling the presidential race a close call in their quest for the White House, Although many polls show them close to being even, a new survey says that president Obama has a lock on one segment. People who use smartphones appear to be much more likely to vote for the incumbent pr…
Half Of Americans Would Use Phone To Take Secret Video
According to MSNBC, 50% of Americans would use their cell phone to spy on people and take secret videos. The majority of people said they would use their phone to capture people doing stupid stuff like falling down, the boss taking a second doughnut or people wearing embarrassing outfits.
Crisis in Japan Could Mean Tech Shortage
It may seem relatively unimportant, compared to the devastation caused by the worst earthquake and tsunami in Japan's recent history, but parts originating in Japan's factories are at the heart of many consumer electronics.  Manufacturers will soon face shortages, which will have a se…