I feel like there's more to this story than what we're being told but I'll give you the skinny and let you decide.

A Michigan woman was recently given a $385 ticket for talking too loud on her phone while walking through her neighborhood. Hell, she claims she was on her own block and on her personal property.

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What happened?

Diamond Robinson, said she was walking and talking along a street outside her Eastpointe residence on Thursday when a female neighbor asked if she could end her call or "talk lower." Basically, she was told to shut her mouth because she was being too loud while on the phone. Well, no one likes to be told to shut up. She told the neighbor to get out of her face and she kept walking. A few minutes later, the Eastpointe police showed up.

Robinson figured the best thing to do was to go on Facebook Live so she'd have a record of what was going on. While she was recording, the police officers wrote her a hefty ticket for $385. Personally, that seems a bit steep for simply talking too loud. Technically the ticket was for being a public nuisance.

Robinson is a black woman and her neighbor is white (and new to the neighborhood) so feels she was being targeted for the color of her skin.

My personal opinion

Either the neighbor is just acting like a Karen and will bitch about every little thing that happens on her street or Robinson didn't explain all the facts. I mean, is she walking up and down her street every day talking on speaker and swearing like crazy? I could see that being annoying but not so much that I'd call the police about it. I just feel like something is missing from the story. Watch the video below and tell me what you think.

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