Is this where we're at? Have we just...given up?

You can find cool stuff like this when you peruse the internet - on Saturday, I was looking up movie times at NCG Trillium in Grand Blanc and found out that they were doing an advanced screening of the new Transformers movie Bumblebee. So I bought the tickets, and we went.

The theatre was packed, butts to elbows. During one of the previews, the screen paused and a Men-in-Black lookin' dude walked to the front of the theatre. He thanked us for coming and then said that ANYBODY caught using their phone (or smartwatch) would be escorted out of the theatre.

Because it was an advanced screening (the movie doesn't come out until the 21st), Paramount had hired security to make sure that NOBODY was recording the movie on their phone. And they weren't kidding- for two straight hours, these guys in suits watch the entire audience like hawks.

I'm not gonna lie - it was REALLY nice to not see ONE PHONE lit up during the movie. Then again, when did it become acceptable to do that? It gets worse every time we go. It's so RUDE. Have we just given up, as a society? Do we not care?

I guess, if you want to see a movie in a theatre where not ONE PERSON pulls out their phone, you've gotta go to an advanced screening where they threaten you.

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