From vigilante to mayor, Hawkeye of the Avengers, aka Jeremy Renner, is taking over troubled  Kingstown, Michigan.

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Before you Google it, just know Kingstown, Michigan doesn't really exists, but Jeremy Renner is going to make you believe it does. Renner is set to star in the new Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown. The trailer for the 10-episode drama, premiering November 14th on Paramount+, looks pretty cool.

The new show set in the fictional town of Kingstown, although filmed in Toronto, will focus on the McLusky family, power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan, a small town dominated by the prison system. Together, they tackle "systemic racism, corruption and inequality" in hopes to bring "order and justice to a town that has neither," per the show's bio release.

The cast will feature Renner leading the way starring as Mike McLusky, the mayor, and feature Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) as his his older brother, Mitch, a power broker inside and outside the prison. Rounding out the family will be Dianne Wiest (Bullets over Broadway, Footloose, and Edward Scissorhands) playing their mother, whose husband was killed and who teaches at the Kingstown Women’s Prison.

The highly anticipated show will find itself sitting pretty in a prime Sunday night spot on the streaming network. Mayor of Kingstown will debut right after the one week season 4 premiere of the huge fan favorite Yellowstone, with both coming from the creative mind of Taylor Sheridan. You can now consider your Sunday nights officially booked from then on.

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