There have been a lot of positive developments in Allen Park in the past few weeks. The Detroit Lions under the direction of new principal owner Sheila Ford Hamp seem to put into place some smart decision making processes and some smart decision makers, though as always, time will tell if that's correct.

But while these indicators appear positive, any team re-build is still going to take at least two or three season, and an ESPN article seems to point that out. They had six of the "experts" huddle up and put a timeline on how close every team is to winning it all. Obviously, Kansas City and Tampa are at the top of the list, with Buffalo and Green Bay, this year's runners-up in the top tier.

After that, there are familiar names, but you have to keep scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling to get to the Detroit Lions.

The Lions are in bottom group (gulp), joined by Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Houston. The panel has them at least four years away. Now we all know the Lions are almost a complete rebuild job. And again, the criteria is, "serious threat to win a title". But here's something to consider. Looks at two of the teams grouped with them. Philadelphia is just a couple of years removed from winning the Super Bowl, and Houston has (for now, but yes it's a complete mess) one the best young quarterbacks in the game. The point being, things can change quickly. Yes, it's easier to go from good to bad very quickly, but who knows, they can get better too.

Say Jared Goff plays fairly well (he's been to a Super Bowl) and the offensive line keeps him healthy. There are some weapons on offense. If you fix the defense in the next couple of years, then all you need is a little luck, add a missing piece, and hell freezes over.

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