There's about to be new Detroit Lions fan in town. Just one year after undergoing brain surgery Kelly Stafford, wife of Lion's quarterback Matthew, is expecting a baby. The wife of the NFL quarterback  announced she is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child adding the the 3 daughters the couple already shares.

Kelly took to her Instagram this past weekend to share an adorable picture of the family at Disneyland to make the announcement. “Got to enjoy one of the most magical places with my husband and 3 of our kiddos. Not pictured: our middle baby girl, Huntie,” she shared, before adding, “Baby Stafford #4 due this summer (no worries, well before training camp) 💖💙.” She went on to add, “We won’t know whether the Stafford kids will continue as a girl squad or if a little brother will enter the craziness until baby is here,” she said, revealing their decision to keep the sex of their baby a surprise. “Excited and exhausted! #staffordpartyof6 #madeindetroit#nomoresedans #staffordstrong.” The couple, that met in college, are parents to  3-year-old twins Sawyer and Chandler, and 1-year-old Hunter.

She later posted another picture that clearly showed how truly far along she was and indicated that this would be the last child for the couple. The happy news comes just a year since Kelly underwent a 12-hour surgery to remove a brain tumor back on April 17, 2019. Although the  surgery was successful,  Kelly had to relearn how to walk and dealt with post surgical pain for awhile.

Recently Kelly used social media to assure fans that her husband Matthew will be kicking off his 12th season in Detroit with the Lions. Mama Lion has spoken.


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