The countdown is on...

There have been predictions about the end of time since... well, since time began. The Mayans, Hopi Indians, Nostradamus, even The Bible tells us about the end of days. But then again, the world was supposed to end several times before, and yet we’re still here (even after Y2K).

So many circumstances could cause the end of the human race that it’s enough to get anyone a little antsy. From a pole shift to an asteroid hit, a nuclear war to the upcoming galactic alignment. Not to mention drought, famine, epidemics, parking meters back in Downtown Flint, and yes… even the end of the Twinkie.

Being the huge Discovery and History Channel buff that I am, I've seen many documentaries revolving around the apocalypse and the end of world. Of all possible ways the human race could come to an end, one of the most terrifying possibilities is something called a super volcano.

When you think of a volcano, you likely picture a mountain erupting and spitting out lava. But super volcanoes are much harder see because they are relatively flat. And when they erupt, you don't want be anywhere on the planet due the fallout caused by these massive time-bombs.

What really scares me is that Yellowstone National Park, just a few hundred miles away, IS a super volcano!  To top that off, scientists say it's past due. Discovery Channel's "Curiosity" series is taking closer look at the impact it would have on Earth, and the aftermath it would bring to anyone who survived the initial eruption.  Yellowstone may not blow up on December 21st, 2012, it could explode TOMORROW!!! ...or in a few centuries.  In all honesty, I think you have a better chance of getting a phone call saying you won $10,000 than you do of witnessing an apocalypse on December 21st.  Oh, wait... Doug from Linden just did!

The special airs this Sunday, but here's a sneak peak (just in case we don't even make it to Sunday).